Core Benefits for the IT Department

The Key to a Secure, Flexible, and GDPR-Compliant AI Integration

With the Secure AI Broker, IT responsible master the balancing act between technical advancement and data protection. The Secure AI Broker enables a seamless and secure integration of AI into your corporate infrastructure. It connects third-party systems via API to AI while guaranteeing the highest level of data privacy.

Meet the requirements of your management and employees without compromising on data security. With the Secure AI Broker, you opt for a future-proof, flexible, and GDPR-compliant AI integration.

Harness the Power of AI – Utilize It Securely and Regulated

Discover the extensive data privacy and security functions of the Secure AI Broker

DLP Integration

Our solution offers seamless DLP integration that complies with GDPR requirements. This ensures that all data flowing through the platform is secure and protected. Our DLP integration helps you identify and safeguard sensitive data by controlling data transmission and enforcing data loss prevention policies. If your company does not have DLP yet, we assist you in finding an optimal solution.

Third-Party Integration

Our solution allows for the integration of internal and external data sources via API. This simplifies the integration of data from various internal and external sources, offering unprecedented opportunities for knowledge management in your organization.

Freedom of Choice

Our solution is available as both an On-Premise and a SaaS solution. This gives you the freedom to choose the option that best suits you. You can retain full control over your data while benefiting from the advantages of the cloud.


With our user- and group-oriented management via SCIM, you can efficiently manage users and groups. This allows for easy deployment, updating, and deactivation of user accounts in real-time. This ensures that you always have an overview of user rights and roles, even during dynamic personnel changes.


We provide secure use of IdP services and Single Sign-On (SSO) to ensure security and convenience for users. Our authentication solution offers an additional security layer to ensure that only authorized users have access to relevant data and applications.

Managing User Groups

With our centralized budget management, you can control the activation of AI models, prompts, and API based on user groups. This allows you to efficiently manage usage and costs, ensuring that each group has access to relevant resources.

From IT Security to Secure AI Application

The Path to the Secure AI Broker

The journey of Secure AI Broker originates in IT security, an area where avency stands out for its expertise. Today, the team leverages this extensive experience to develop the Secure AI Broker, a product that utilizes security applications like firewalls, DLP, SSO, and IdP in an innovative context.

The knowledge from IT security now contributes to the development of software that enables companies to seamlessly integrate AI systems for the first time. The established security standards remain intact and form a solid foundation.

The Secure AI Broker:
Your Partner for an Efficient AI Future

With the Secure AI Broker, you lead the way in technological innovation. You benefit from a secure and seamless integration of AI, high data security, and the flexibility to connect AI to third-party systems. This allows you to meet the requirements of your management and employees while ensuring data security.

Take the next step and harness the full power of AI in your company – safely, flexibly, and intuitively. Start now with the Secure AI Broker into the future of AI!

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