An assistant for each team member

Texts, tables, images, code – quick results for all

The Secure AI Broker is something different for each team member: depending on the prompt and AI model.

By creating and sharing prompts at the user, group, or global level, it enables individual and efficient work with AI. This leads to task automation and creates space for more value-added activities.

Each employee receives individual support and customized prompts. The output of texts, images, tables, or code expands possibilities and simplifies the search for content of all kinds. With the Secure AI Broker, your employees become more efficient, satisfied, and productive.

How does AI benefit your team?

AI-Power for your team: Discover the numerous benefits that the Secure AI Broker offers to your employees


User-based assignment by employees, departments, etc.


Automation and centralized control of prompts


Specific support, not answering external inquiries


Creation of texts, guides, images, graphics, and more


Speed up and simplify through indexing of databases


Output of results via text, image, downloads possible

Take employee productivity to a new level


Easily create images that can be used immediately


Have texts, bullet points, headlines, instructions, and many other text contents created without having to rack your brains.


Let the AI generate the code and save time researching functions.


You can learn about topics and thanks to the AI, only the most important contents are displayed to you.

Darstellung der Eingabemaske des Secure AI Brokers

Individual AI solutions for all areas of the company

With the Secure AI Broker, you can tailor artificial intelligence and specific prompts to the specific needs and requirements of your various departments and employees. This enables targeted and efficient support in all areas of the company – from sales and marketing to customer service.
This individual adaptability gives you the flexibility to use the possibilities and potential of artificial intelligence optimally and in line with your company’s needs.

In this way, you can not only increase efficiency and productivity in the individual areas, but also promote the satisfaction and motivation of your employees.

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FAQ – The most frequently asked questions

Why am I not yet allowed to use AI models in my company?

You may not be allowed to use AI models because of data protection concerns. AI often processes a lot of data, which can cause data protection issues. In addition, your company may not yet have the necessary infrastructure or expertise. Regulatory or ethical concerns could also play a role. Nevertheless, there are ways to overcome these challenges and use AI securely

The security mechanisms of the Secure AI Broker can counteract these concerns.

How can AI simplify my day-to-day work?

AI can make your day-to-day work much easier. It automates routine tasks, saves time and enables better decisions through data analysis. It recognizes patterns in work processes and optimizes them. As a chatbot or digital assistant, AI can also make communication and planning more efficient. AI is a powerful tool for optimizing your work processes.

Who do I need to contact in my organization so that I can use the Secure AI Broker?

In general, it makes sense to talk to your IT department or your technology manager first, as they can assess the technical aspects of implementing the Secure AI Broker. In addition, you could approach your line manager or senior management to discuss the strategic benefits of Secure AI Broker. For larger organizations, consultation with the data protection officer may also be necessary to ensure that the use of Secure AI Broker complies with data protection guidelines.

Can I also connect other AI models or third-party systems?

Yes, this is one of the major advantages of Secure AI Broker. Our software is designed to work flexibly with different AI models and third-party systems. Thanks to the API connection, you can adapt the Secure AI Broker to your existing infrastructure and expand it with specific data or knowledge. This enables seamless integration and optimal use of AI in your company.